Andreas Weigend
Stanford University
Stat 252 and MS&E 238

Data Mining and Electronic Business

Homework 2

This assignment is due by 5PM on Sunday, April 22, 2007 to
NOTE: (updated Friday, April 20, 2007): The conversion rates can only be tracked for websites that you have already tagged and have access to; i.e., each and every goal/website that you track must be tagged and linked to your own Google Analytics Account. You should NOT be able to see the "Goal Conversion" to Prof. Weigend's website. You might want to try adding conversion goals to links on your own personal site, but make sure that Google Analytics is set up to track those links.
Part I: In this part of the assignment, you will set up an account with an online advertiser of your choice. Popular services include Yahoo! SM, Google AdWords (note $5 activation fee), and Microsoft adCenter. You may use any other advertiser of your liking.
  • Set up an account with at least one advertiser of your choice. Start this assignment early: there may be some lag time between the time that you set up your account to the time that your first ad will appear.
  • Select anywhere between three to seven keywords associated with your ad.
    • The hope is that your ad will be shown if your "keyword" is queried by an internet user.
    • In order for at least one of your ads to be seen, choose at least one unique "keyword". For example, if your name is Andres Veigandd (a unique name indeed!) and want users to visit your personal website, you might want to purchase the keyword "Andres Veigandd".
    • You may have to bid on each "keyword".
  • Of course, you should place a total spending cap on how much you are willing to spend!

Part II: As in last week's assignment, you will continue to run Google Analytics on your website. Here, you are asked to define a "Conversion Goal".
  • Edit your personal webpage and include the link (Prof. Weigend's website will be your "Conversion Goal.")
  • Now log into your Google Analytics account. You will be brought to your Analytics Settings home page.
    • You should see a box entitled "Website Profiles". Click on the "Edit" menu under the Settings tab.
    • You should see a matrix with row headings G1, G2, G3, etc. (for Goal 1, Goal 2, Goal 3, etc.). Choose an empty row, and then click on the "Edit" menu under the Settings tab.
    • Required: Define your Goal URL as Note, however, that you will NOT see any goal conversions, since your Google Analytics account is not linked to Prof. Weigend's site.
    • Optional: Try defining other conversion goals, such as another link on your website (e.g., blog, photo page, research interests).

  • Give a listing of the keywords which you used for Part I of this assignment. Take a screenshot of at least one of your ads. How much did you spend for each keyword? Did you spend different amounts of money on each of the keywords, and if so, why? What was your total spending cap?
  • Return to your Analytics Settings homepage a couple of days after you have defined the appropriate conversion goal(s). Click on "View Reports" under the Menu tab.
    • On the left hand side of the page, you should see a tab that says Dashboard. By default, the "View" should be set to Executive.
      • Take a snapshot of your current "Executive Overview" (i.e., after launching your keyword advertising campaign), and compare it to the "Executive Overview" which you submitted for Homework 1. Comment.
      • Now examine "Conversion Summary", "Marketing Summary", and "Content Summary". Make spreadsheets for each of these three summaries.
    • Now change the "View" to Marketer. Print summaries of "All CPC Analysis", "CPC vs Organic Conversion", "Overall Keyword Conversion", and "Campaign Conversion."
    • On the left hand side, you should see a window entitled All Reports. Use the Marketing Optimization tool to determine how many new visitors have visited your site. Does it appear that your advertising campaign helped in attracting internet users to your site?
  • Based on your experiences, what could you have done to improve your advertising campaign? Higher homework scores will be given to those students having deep insights and creative comments.